Happy Birthday Face Pots!

Face pots were born in April of 2019. The original concept was to have just a silhouette or impression of a face. That’s why the beginning face pots did not have eyes or any lip color. As I was making them, I found that each one looked very similar to the previous one and I wanted them to each look different. So I started to add eyes that were different in color. The first time I applied with glaze which made their eyes run a bit. So the next time I tried underglaze which was much more stable, no running and the color was very vivid. I could make them as realistic as I wanted to.

As time went on I saw my customers creating a personal connection with the face pot. It made me want to really create personalities from each face pot. I began shaping the noses and eyes slightly different. I started to try and think of different designs that I could carve, stamp or paint onto the body of the pot that would help my customers connect even more with them.

November of 2019, we were doing a lot of shows for the holidays. I had a conversation with someone and she suggested that one of my face pots looked like a “Pierre”. That was when I realized that I was almost there. I went back through the face pots that I had and made name tags for all of them. As I thought of their name I thought of what favorite thing they liked to do. On the name tags I put their name and what they liked to do. For example: Luigi – Likes to make pizza!

The face pots to me feel like a representation of myself. As I throw each one on the wheel I start to think about the shape, design and personalities of each one. They have evolved into more than just a face pot but a memory and an emotion from my past, present and future. I had finally made the personal connection that I was looking for.

It’s amazing to see my work evolve so much in just one year. I can’t wait to see the new ones still yet to come. Happy birthday to all of my face pots!


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