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This tea smells amazing and gives a lightly spicy and sweet flavor. Enjoy warm with honey and lemon for an added treat!

Ginger & Turmeric has a delicious hint of spicy flavor that comes from pieces of ginger. Green & black teas are blended with turmeric, bael nut, ginger, and red & blue cornflower petals offering a sweet and unexpected fresh taste. 

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Ginger & Turmeric tea is known to soothe when you have an upset stomach or headache. Turmeric is known as a "superfood." Turmeric's list of health benefits includes boosting your body's immunity, anti-inflammatory properties, improved brain function, and heart-health. 

Our Story
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White Squirrel Clayworks is a wife and husband team in Oberlin, OH, that have a real love of nature and animals. We started our business in 2018 after many years of collecting and enjoying handmade pottery and decided to become potters ourselves. You will see a direct relation to the natural, peaceful world in our works. That is our true message. The name of our company came from the town of Oberlin and the colony of white squirrels that live here. (We make a lot of white and black squirrel logo items for locals!) All of our pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe! White Squirrel Clayworks believes in sustainability and uses sustainable products and green energy to create their products.


We also offer a line of soap and candles that come from renewable sources and do not have any animal products incorporated into them. (Our products are vegan, any honey or beeswax are vegan alternatives.)

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