Gingered Peach Hot & Iced Herbal Tea - 2oz


Blended Teas - (all packaged in home compostable packaging)


Loose-leaf -Gingered Peach Hot & Iced Herbal Tea  - piquant & spicy character of ginger tea is mellowed with the sweet taste of peaches. Try it hot or iced & become a believer!


Ingredients:  Black tea, Papaya pieces, Blackberry leaves, Ginger, Calendula petals, Peach pieces, Sunflowers petals, Natural flavors (organic compliant). Teas from China / Egypt 

Caffeine Level: Medium                               
Antioxidant Level: Very High


Each package contains 2 oz. of loose tea - approx: 20-25 servings to be used with a tea infuser